Plantar Warts Treatment

Plantar warts commonly form on the soles of the foot and there can be one or many. They are often mistaken for corns, however, they differ from corns in the sense that skin striae (lines) are interrupted by verrucae (that is – skin lines go around the lesion) and they sometimes have little black spots within them. This is sometimes hard to see as they normally develop an overlying skin callus, which needs to be debrided first. Plantar warts can be painful but in a lot of cases are not. It is important not to “pick” at them as this can make them worse and allow spreading. Our Podiatrists in Balcatta can diagnose and treat Plantar warts, there are multiple treatment modalities available which our Podiatrists can discuss with you, but these lesions can be quite stubborn to cure and may require multiple, repeated treatments.

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