Nail Fungus Treatment

Fungal nail infections (Onychomycosis) can lead to tough and thick toenails. Fungal nail is contagious and can be picked up from the garden, trying on shoes in the shop and public pools or showers, amongst others places.

The Podiatrists at Balcatta Podiatry can recommend treatments for fungal nail as well as reduce the thickness of the nails and cut them. They can also advise you on comfortable footwear when this condition exists.

For elderly patients living in Balcatta, Stirling, Balga and Hamersley, our Podiatrists may be able to offer you a home visit on a routine basis to assist in making your Podiatry visit more comfortable.

fungal nail treatment in Balcatta

If you want to know more about fungal nail please call one of our friendly Balcatta Podiatrists.