Ingrown or Thick Nails

Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails occur when the edge of the nail puts pressure on the skin causing discomfort. This may be due to constrictive footwear, excessive sweating, injury or hereditary factors.This is usually painful but easily fixable. If the skin breaks the toe may become inflamed and infected.

Treatment for Ingrown Nails: correct cutting of the nail or painless removal of the offending nail by the skilled podiatrist will have you jumping with joy. A minor surgical option may be best for repeat offenders, performed easily by your podiatrist with local anesthetic.

Thick Nails 

Thick nails mostly affects the big toes. Having thick nails makes it difficult to cut and painful in shoes. Often caused by injury, tight shoes, infections and systemic diseases.

Management of thick nails includes: Easily and painlessly cut and thinned by your skilled podiatrist with the appropriate equipment.

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