Bunion Treatment

A bunion usually presents as a lump or swelling overlying the big toe joint on the side of the foot.

The proper term for this is “Hallux valgus” or “Hallux abducto valgus” and what really happens is that the big toe starts to angle towards the 2nd toe. This angulation then leads to the deformity and the “lump” that forms on the side of the big toe joint is normally a bony prominence and it develops due to the increased pressure, it can also have a fluid filled sac (bursa) overlying it.   bunion treatment balcatta

Bunions can be a source of pain and great discomfort, but they are also known to be quite painless and sometimes people don’t like them for cosmetic reasons. There are many theories as to what causes bunions but it’s thought to be associated with tight or ill-fitting footwear, high heels, inherited factors and biomechanical anomalies.

Podiatrists can diagnose bunions and assist with footwear advice, orthotics to correct biomechanical anomalies, joint mobilizations to get the joints of the foot working better, etc. These treatments can alleviate symptoms and prevent or slow progression of the bunion, but it cannot correct any existing deformity. In very severe and painful cases, a surgical opinion may be recommended.

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